Live in a creatively designed house.

Let Straightline Design assist you in creating the custom home or remodel project. Our thoughtfully designed projects are intended for individuals who want to live in a space that reflects a unique lifestyle and personality.

A Plan for Everyone
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Our homes and remodel projects feature beautiful exteriors, spectacular living spaces, and well thought-out traffic flows.

We offer innovative, structurally sound ideas and guidance as we work together to produce your personal residential design. Although our residential design and home plan service is located in the Midwest, we have designed projects on the West coast, in the mountain states and as far away as the Caribbean.

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Update your existing home to a beautiful new space.
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Create extra space onto your existing home.
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Own a custom home that is uniquely designed for you.
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Our Approach

A true collaboration between designer and owner.

Want to purchase a pre-designed plan?

We have created many pre-designed “Stock Plan” sets that we are offering for sale. If custom designed spaces aren’t for you, browse through our plans to find the design for your next home. The shop is currently under construction please contact Straightline Design today for any questions or inquiries regarding Pre-Designed Plans.